New year, new tech?

Just realised how long it has been since I last posted! A few things have changed in the technology landscape in my house – not least of which is my attempts to get an Asterisk-based PBX up and running.

I’ve bought a Linksys SPA3102 which bridges the POTS Telecom line onto my LAN. I did have it all up and running on a VirtualBox image on my Ubuntu 9.10 server, but then ran into timing issues.

So, I’m following these instructions again, and starting from scratch in the server proper. Wish me luck!


Continuing adventures with DNS

After installing the new Ubuntu 9.10 over the weekend, I set about again trying to establish my new DNS server running on the platform. I have found what seems to be a great tutorial for DDNS (i.e. DNS which is updated with DHCP leases) here.

I’m still working through the bugs, but things at least seem to be getting DHCP addresses, so that’s a good start. 🙂

A couple of gotchas early one – Ubuntu runs a thing called AppArmor which seems to cause a lot of problems with applications like DHCP wanting to update BIND and all that. The comments on this post at outline the changes that are needed to be made, specifically you have to make one last minor change to /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.dhcpd3:

/etc/bind/ rw,
/etc/bind/** rw,