Note to self

I’ve finally figured out what I’m going to use this blog for!  🙂

I have spent the better part of the last week trying to recover from a major hard drive malfunction.  I literally thought I had lost thousands of irreplaceable photos and other files.  However, after much swearing, cursing, praying, finger-crossing and Googling, it looks like I have managed to recover the majority of those files!

Aside from being over the moon, I have found myself making notes throughout the process in case this happens again.  I have also decided that I really need to make sure I have a soid backup routine in place.  🙂

As I thought about these notes, I noted (heh heh) that I have also got a number of other notes on other various related IT projects that I have been working on throughout the years – my Linux server, MythTV, various scripts and programming tricks, good links to great sites etc.  The problem is that these “notes to myself” couldn’t be more scattered if I tried.  And when I got and try and find the information again when I need it, do you think I can?  Or, do you think I can find someone with exactly my setup?   Not likely.

So, I’m going to use this blog to write notes to myself – notes on all those projects and more.  My logic is that this stuff will then be archived by the spiders that roam the ‘net, and forever preserved against my future stupidity.

And away we go…


In the beginning…

I primarily set up this blog to have a look at the capabilities of WordPress and to see if I am the type of person who would actually regularly contribute to writing for a blog.  So, if you're viewing this, congratulations on becoming part of my experiment!  🙂  Let's see how it goes…