I’m reworking my home network, and playing with a VirtualBox image of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS that is acting as my DNS server and DHCP server. This is an attempt to deal with the frustrations of my Netgear gear not doing what I want re: IP addressing, and to simplify accessing servers and other devices by name on all my various IP-enabled equipment.

I’m still getting to the bottom of all this DNS stuff, but a couple of key links I don’t want to forget are:


Great link for command line SAMBA

I’m just discovering the usefulness of smbclient and this link has a great summary of the commands you can fire through this tool from the terminal.

Probably the most common one I need to do is to use the tarmode to copy whole folders down, like so:

lcd /tmp #this switches the local directory
mget pdf995/ #this recurses and tars the pdf995 remote directory and puts it in /tmp on the client