DD-WRT, Telecom Thomson router and New Zealand broadband

Finally!  I can’t tell you how long I have tried to get DD-WRT working as a proper internet gateway in New Zealand!  The challenge is that broadband here is PPPoA (not PPPoE), so you are left trying to work through the mess that is half bridging and other such dramas.

Anyway, I leave some notes here for anyone else who is trying, and if I need to refer back.

  1. I have the Thomson TG585 router (v 8) with the DHCP server on.
  2. I have the Linksys WRT54G with DD-WRT (micro) running and a cable from the WAN port to a LAN port on the Thomson
  3. On the Thomson, under Home Network > Devices, I have selected the Linksys and chosen the link down the bottom that says “Assign external IP address to device”.  This only worked when I had the WAN setting on the Linksys (in DD-WRT) set to be DHCP, and had to restart a couple of times. It won’t work if the Thomson thinks the connected device has a static IP.
  4. By now, the external IP address was appearing in the Linksys under WAN IP, but I still couldn’t get internet access. Turns out that there was no default gateway set.  Through some serious Googling, I found this site that gave the following commands to be added to the Firewall script section under Administration > Commands:

ip route replace $(nvram get wan_gateway)/32 dev $(nvram get wan_ifname)
ip route replace default via $(nvram get wan_gateway) dev $(nvram get wan_ifname)

SSH’ing into the Linksys after running those commands, and then running route, shows the external gateway appearing at the top of the list.

And then everything seems to be working!  Hurray!


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