Make Thunderbird work like Outlook

I like Thunderbird.  But I also like Outlook.  And I have to say that the latter has some things that I just wish the former had – e.g. like a bit more polish.  Granted, Outlook 2007 is quite a few versions older than Thunderbird, so there’s plenty of time for improvement.

Regardless, there are some tweaks that really should be made when migrating across from Outlook.  A great post by Justin Carmony outlines some of them here.  The best of the bunch is this:

Composition & AddressingThis is an absolute must change. If there is anything you’ll get out of this article, it is this: Check “Automatically quote the original message when replying” and below select “start my reply above the quote.” This is the most annoying default setting of all. My friend couldn’t help but laugh at how non-standard that was. If you use signatures, I would set the second line to “Below my reply.” This is the default for Outlook.

Also, to continue improving on the Reply function, I followed these instructions and installed this extension.  Specifically (in case the site is down in future):

1. go to and install the TB extension “Thunderbird Reset Quote Header”.
2. create a text file called HTML_Header.txt, and copy the following into it;

Code: Select all
<hr tabindex=-1><font face=Tahoma size=2><!--@A@--><b>From:</b> @A@<!--@A@-->
<!--@D@--><b>Sent:</b> @D@<!--@D@-->
<!--@R@--><b>To:</b> @R@<!--@R@-->
<!--@C@--><b>CC:</b> @C@<!--@C@-->
<!--@S@--><b>Subject:</b> @S@<!--@S@--><br></font>

3. Create another text file called TEXT_Header.txt and copy the following code into it.

Code: Select all
----- Original Message -----
<!--@A@-->From: @A@<!--@A@-->
<!--@D@-->Sent: @D@<!--@D@-->
<!--@R@-->To: @R@<!--@R@-->
<!--@C@-->CC: @C@<!--@C@-->
<!--@S@-->Subject: @S@<!--@S@-->

4. Go to your extensions window in TB and select the extension you just installed, and click options.
5. Point your HTML header to the file you just created. Point the text header to the other file you just created.


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